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Get Sheffield Moving!

Decades of car-centric, badly thought out transport policies and poorly designed infrastructure have left Sheffield and South Yorkshire with a travel network that fails everyone – drivers, cyclists, and public transport users alike.

Sometimes it can feel like congestion, air pollution and shoddy public transport are a normal part of our lives – something we need to accept as broken beyond repair.

Buses are unreliable and badly scheduled, trams are limited and expensive, walking and cycling are often inconvenient and dangerous. As a result, we’re more dependent on cars than ever, even for short, routine journeys.

And so traffic jams are getting longer, our roads more dangerous, our neighbourhoods more disconnected, and the air that fills our lungs more toxic.

What will future generations make of our legacy?

In the face of these problems, it’s easy to understand the apathy and weary resignation that has settled across Sheffield like the particle laden air that plagues us. The overwhelming sense that “nothing can be done” or that “it’s always been like this, and always will.”

We disagree.

Get Sheffield Moving! has been created as an antidote to hopelessness. This is the Sheffield Green Party’s vision for a clean, modern and reliable transport system that is fit for the 21st century.

None of the ideas contained here are quick or easy, but they are – with the funding and the necessary political will from all sides – all possible.

Nothing we’re suggesting hasn’t been achieved elsewhere already. In London, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and beyond, political leaders have made big steps towards ending car dependency and fixing public transport. We’re starting with a simple question: if it’s possible there, why not here?

Join us in our campaign for better transport for all, and Get Sheffield Moving!

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The ideas contained here are just the starting point for a conversation on what the future should look like for transport in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Everyone has their own unique experiences of living, working, and moving around the region, and we want to hear as many different viewpoints as possible.

Share your thoughts and contribute to the ongoing development of this project as we try to imagine a better future:


    Get Sheffield Moving! was developed by Matthew Barker and Andrew Rogers with valuable input from the Sheffield Green Party’s transport committee. The tram network was designed by Thomas Atkin. Illustrations by Sam Wakeling, Joe Kabat and Simon Ross Gill.